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We want to encourage reading among all age groups.  We have developed a list of 100 Books to Read Before You Die as a guideline to develop good reading habits.  You can use our list to start with and perhaps you’ll want to make up your own list of 100 Books to Read Before You Die.

Reading books to your children and grandchildren is always fun.  Young children like to imitate and they like repetitive books in their early years.  Our children grew up reading Dr. Seuss books.  “Green Eggs and Ham” has been one of their favorites.  It’s one of my favorites also. 

Shop Books to Read

Reading to your infant at a very early age creates a love of books for a lifetime.

We at Shop Books to Read have always encouraged parents to start reading to their children at infancy.  This will give them a head start on reading and developing a love for books throughout their life.

Children need more one-on-one time with you rather than in front of a TV or computer screen.  They will learn to talk sooner if you talk to them.

 Reading books can take you anywhere you want to go.  They can fire up your imagination.  You can lose yourself inside the book.  As you start reading books, you will soon develop a list of your favorite authors and types of books, but still you need to be open-minded to also try some of the other authors and different types of books.  As an example, a friend of our daughter wrote a Science Fiction Fantasy book and I thought I would give it a try.  I am not normally a fan of that type of book but as I read it, I lost myself in it and really enjoyed it and can’t wait until his next two books come out.

Shop Books to Read has also encouraged that the elderly enjoy reading books.  This helps to keep their mind sharp and may slow dementia.  If the elderly have trouble seeing, volunteer to read to them.  Most books can be purchased in large print and all e-readers like Nook and others, have a touch option to go to large print.  Remember these books can be purchased for e-readers and also audiobooks.

Whether you pick some books from our list of 100 Books to Read Before You Die or you pick your own books for yourself or for your children or grandchildren, Shop Books to Read can provide them all by using the link below.

Shop Books to Read is the best place to Shop online for all your book, entertainment, and Gift needs at the most reasonable prices!  This is definitely your One-Stop Shopping place with no crowds or hassle!

Shop Books to Read has books for everyone from infants to mature adults.  There is something for everyone’s pleasure.

Shop Books to Read has over 2 million titles from which to choose for your reading pleasure to textbooks for learning.  Our affiliate, Barnes & Noble, has the worlds most advanced eBook reader, Nook, and offers over 2 million eBooks for instant downloading.  They offer free samples of ebooks so that you can read before purchasing the entire book and have a lending library so you can exchange books with other Nook owners.  They offer a wide variety of Music and Movies for your listening & viewing entertainment.  They also have a Children’s and Teens section.  Below are some of the things you will find at Shop Books to Read.

  • Textbooks for all Students (New or Used & Rentals)
  • Fiction & Non-Fiction Books for all your reading pleasure
  • Technical Books for Work & Hobbyists
  • Recipe and Cookbooks for delicious meals and desserts
  • eBooks and Audio books and Nook
  • Award Winners and Bargain Books
  • Best Sellers and New Releases
  • Movies, Music, and more!
  • Arts & Crafts for Hobbyists and Children
  • Home and Gift Items for all

  Shop at Shop Books to Read by clicking on this link: Logo - 88 x 31



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